I've wanted to start doing a vlog of sorts here for a while. You know, get myself in front of the camera, show off my face, my diction, my facial expressions. I tried once before a while ago but the result ended up being far too messy to make public. I'm intent on trying again though. So if you have any encouraging words for me to make getting in front of the camera more pleasurable and less horribly please let me know. :) »

Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings Easily

If you haven't been living under a rock then you know about the recent Facebook privacy controversies.  I've read a lot of essays debating many issues, some disagreeing with one another and some agreeing.  From these essays I've found the salient issue to be Facebook's lackluster attempt to educate their users on what information they are sharing.  Fortunate for us a new tool has been released that takes the guess work out of your Facebook Privacy Settings.  Called ReclaimPrivacy.org, it seeks to do just that.  I greatly encourage you to click over and scan your privacy settings.  Better to be safe then public!...or an equivalent idiom. »