Week of Links 009


Week of Links 008


The Best and The Worst Project

A little while ago I wrote a post that had an idea for a list of ‘best things’ and ‘worst things’. It was a quirky idea based off then-recent observations of my over-use of the phrases ‘the best!’ and ‘the worst!’. »

Week of Links 004

Sorry about the delay for getting this post online. It’s been a wickedly busy week and I figured it be better to take my time with this post rather than rush it. Lots of great goodies for you here. Read on, and enjoy! »

Learning About MacGuffins

Every day that I learn something new I consider a success. Sometimes these new-found pieces of knowledge are nothing more than old thoughts and ideas repackaged. Or sometimes they’re displayed from a different perspective. Or sometimes they are truly new to my knowledge-base. Whatever the case I take such immense joy from learning. »

The Singularity Movement

The Singularity movement believes that at some point in the nearer-than-you-think future “human beings and machines will so effortlessly and elegantly merge that poor health, the ravages of old age and even death itself will all be things of the past.” It has a bunch of notable people involved such as the co-founder’s of Google and famed inventor Ray Kurzweil who says he “conquered diabetes decades ago by changing what he ate and later reprogramming his body with supplements. He currently takes about 150 pills a day and has regular intravenous procedures.” The New York Times has a big six-page article all about the movement so go have a read. »