Funny Animated gif Sites on Tumblr

For the past week I've become slightly obsessed with animated .gif sites on Tumblr. »

Jonathan Ames Drunkenly Presents Awards

Here's a video of Jonathan Ames drunk, and presenting awards at the Writers Guild awards ceremony. »

Couples Pose, Switch Clothing

Here's a series of pictures of couples posing first with their own clothing and then with their partner's clothing. Very humorous. via »

Funny, Creative, Scary Ad for Technical College

This is an ad for a technical college in Australia. It starts off really funny and creative and ends on a really scary and creative note. They have the creative part of the ad nailed down, now I just hope I'll be able to sleep soundly later tonight. »

OS X Mountain Lion vs. a real mountain lion

This is a pretty funny comparison of Apple's new OS X Mountain Lion vs. a real mountain lion. »

A Hilarious Collection of Damn You Auto Correct

A hilarious collection of Damn You Auto Correct, curated by non-other than the founder. Each one funnier than the last. Have a good laugh while reading these. »