The Fear Found At Beginnings

I always, without exception, hate starting new posts. I always get a clutch of fear in my chest that doesn't let go till I get to paragraph three. »


I've wanted to start doing a vlog of sorts here for a while. You know, get myself in front of the camera, show off my face, my diction, my facial expressions. I tried once before a while ago but the result ended up being far too messy to make public. I'm intent on trying again though. So if you have any encouraging words for me to make getting in front of the camera more pleasurable and less horribly please let me know. :) »

As I Regress I Will Assess And Subsequently Progress

When writing one of your strongest assets is that of concentration. The ability to start and finish a sentence without pause during its construction is one vital to strong literature. When a break is taken between the beginning and end of a sentence's creation its fluidity is jeopardized. However there are no tautologies to this claim - some sentences require pause during their creation, demanding rest before made whole. »