Nyan Cat and Ron Make Nyan Ron!

Hey, so check this out »

New Job At GetGlue

In the land of Harry things have been mighty busy. He has been away from his lovely blog, out marauding for new land and fresh fruit. He has been searching high above the coastline, cupping his hand above his eyes to shield himself from the sun's mighty gaze. He stood there atop the cliff, gazing out past everything that he has since come to call familiar. He stood and gazed west, straining his eyes from their sockets, hoping to perceive success just before it broached the horizon. »

Imagination Gregory

Following is a creative short story story written by me. »

The Creative Mind Resurfaces

I've been trying to write anything recently without much success. Every time I think about opening a document to write something I balk and fearfully run away, believing whatever I would have written wouldn't add up to much. »

Nothing To Write Home About

All work and no play makes Harry a dull blogger. It's not his fault that his work is working him in overdrive, or that he is taking on many side-projects in his free time, or that he is trying to lead a social life. It is not his fault that he has somewhat of a writer's block, unable to think up interesting topics to write on, right on. »

iPad Doodle 1

Recently I’ve been playing around with the drawing apps on my iPad more frequently. I’ve come up with some doodles that I like, and some that I don’t. The one’s that I like are simple, but retain a degree of poignance that I feel can be shared. »