My Experience with PHP Frameworks - Yii, CodeIgniter, and Symfony

A week ago I started work on a personal web project using PHP as my programming language of choice. This wasn’t a hard decision as I use PHP daily for work and have a great deal of strength in the language. »

Introducing: Forgetmenot

By trade I'm a programmer. I program websites. I create pages like the one you're reading now. Usually I use tools that have already been built by other people to help me create websites. Tools such as WordPress and jQuery. These are ready made utilities that make the entire process of creating a website much easier. »

WordPress JetPack

Just got started with WordPress new and most excellent plug-in JetPack. The gist of this doo-hickey is that it brings all of the advanced features and benefits of having a hosted blog to every self-hosted blog. In laymen terms that means that I now have access to neat hover-cards, improved Site Stats UI, and short-links - to name a few. I haven't had an extended amount of time to play around with every aspect of JetPack but from what I see so far this plug-in seems like a must-have for every blogger. Kudos WordPress team. :) »

CSS3 Rounded Corners On IE

One of the coolest new additions to the CSS3 specification is its built-in ability to render rounded corners. Before CSS3 the only semi-humane way to create rounded corners on an element was to create four rounded corner images and use some unwieldy albeit effective display:absolute positioning to get the desired effect. This resulted in bloated code that contained numerous extra <div> tags such as: <div class="topLeftCorner"></div> to create the effect, and ultimately bogged down the rendering of the page. »

Infinite Scroll Plug-in

I just added a new nifty plug-in to this here blog. It's called 'Infinite Scroll' and performs the awesome luxury of loading more posts as you scroll down so you don't have to click and wait for a new page to load. Sometimes I just have fun seeing how far down I can scroll before I get bored. I'm hoping with this enhancement it'll make reading my blog more enjoyable and fun, encouraging you to stick around for a little longer. Less frustration is greater pleasure-station! Let me know if you like it or not, will you? Or don't, it's ok, I'll keep it anyways. »

The Best and The Worst Project

A little while ago I wrote a post that had an idea for a list of ‘best things’ and ‘worst things’. It was a quirky idea based off then-recent observations of my over-use of the phrases ‘the best!’ and ‘the worst!’. »