At Work: Redesign of

Redesigning a website is never a light task. Depending on the size and breadth of the existing website it can sometimes be a horribly arduous undertaking. Yet usually redesigns are for the better. Without the pain of change there can be no joy from progress.

For the past couple of months I've been living this process. When I first began work at I was quickly thrown into the middle of a 100%-top-to-bottom-bottom-to-top website redesign. This redesign was not just a visual overhaul but also an architectural one. Every aspect of the website was to be touched, leaving no page un-modified.

Some two weeks ago the redesigned dLife was finally ready to go live. So on February 16th my co-workers and I hunkered down at dLife HQ till the early hours of the morning and launched dLife 2.0.

Take a look at the attached screen-shots to see how dLife looked before and after the redesign. And please - visit and enjoy a premier online diabetic resource.

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